How to install DIY window screens?

The summer weather is very hot, and this environment has also created the birth of mosquitoes. The effective way to get rid of mosquitoes is to install screens on the windows, so you don't have to worry about mosquitoes coming in, and you will feel very cool.

  • Window screen installation
  1. Clean the window frame: Clean the dust and smudges on the window frame before installation. Alcohol can be used when necessary to accelerate the evaporation of water.
  2. Folding Velcro: The surface of the matte surface is glued to the four sides of the gauze, and then reinforced with a stapler; the matte surface is non-adhesive and is directly sewn on the four sides of the gauze.


Note: The Velcro's adhesive should not touch the dust as much as possible, otherwise it will affect its viscosity. For example, the lime wall can only be used once, and then the dust is useless.

  • Screen window installation precautions

After the screens are installed, it is not a good thing. Consumers need to maintain the screens regularly if they want to extend their service life. Although most of the screens have automatic cleaning, they are not as clean as they are. The cleaning of the screen window requires some small skill, because the surface of the screen window is composed of fine pores, and the barbaric brushing screen is easy to deform. In fact, consumers can use salt to clean screens. Because salt has the function of adsorbing dust and the particles are small, it can clean gaps, voids, and the like. You can sprinkle salt on the screen window and wipe it gently with a rag to achieve the effect of cleaning the screen window.


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