MAGZO Screen Repair Tape, Help You Save Money

I need to buy a new door screen every few years in the summer. Because I have a cat and he is one naughty boy, he usually ripped a crack and poled a hole at the screen door. I'm really not willing to buy a new screen, it's a waste of money !



  How can we repaire the screen without cost too much money? Here is my recommendation for you who are meet the same trouble.


    I choose the MAGZO screen repair tape. I will show you what it can do. The most important thing is, which can save your money that earned from hard work. The whole patch of size 2”*74.2” will only cost you $6.99, with this competitive price, I feel MAGZO basically doing a charity.  If you buy a new screen door or a new window mesh, it usually cost about $40, but now you ca buy this repair tape, under $10, it’s a very good deal! 



MAGZO screen repair tape is made of strong fiberglass, which is durable, and fit with every type of mesh product. I always like an easy installation way, MAGZO screen repair mesh does that, for the small hole or a small crack, you can use it to paste, so easy. If the hole or the crack is too large, how can we deal with that ? Don’t worry, there are repair string and a looper in package, sewing it up with repair string and looper first, then use the screen repair tape to reinforce it. Anyway, it’s out of my expectation!






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  • user anonymous

    57 inches × 83 inches need to custome
    Please make sure 57 inches × 83 inches include frame size

  • user anonymous
    Tommy young

    Trying to find magnrtic screen door size 57 inches × 83 inches


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