This screen surpassed expectations!

We have a wall with three sets of French doors going out onto our deck. When we installed them, the window company suggested we order a fancy rectractable screen door for at least one of the doors to try it out. It worked reasonably well but it was hard to open and close, especially if you had anything in your hands. Our dog ended up going through one of the panels within the first week which made it hard to open and close with the loose screen at the bottom and then it was finally destroyed when another dog ran through the other screen panel, snapping the track mechanism.
While looking for some screen fabric just to hang as a stop gap measure, I found the Magzo screens on shopify. With a little bit of maneuvering and planning I was able to order the black screen with white velcro (we have white woodwork around the doors and didn't want a black line around on the inside but wanted the view to be clearer which you get with the black screen) and I knew that I would have to cut the corners for it to fit in the door frames.

The order arrived exactly as I wanted, I was able to unpick the corners so I could fold them over to install and they went up so easily. It is easy to walk in and out with or without things in our hands. The little velcro tabs are perfect for when it gets windy to hold the panels closed. The dogs are happy that they can go in and out whenever they like and we are happy that the door closes up behind them! Now to order two more for the other doors.




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  • user anonymous
    sally smith

    yes we have more hook tape replacement, you can order by the link:

    hope to can help you

  • user anonymous
    Lynn Thompson

    Dear Sirs,
    We have to remove our magnetic screen door to repaint our door frame. When removing the hook tape it is not reusable due to the amount of paint that is stuck to it. Could i purchase another role of the hook tape to reattach our magnetic screen door after repainting? The door size is 80 × 36.
    Please notify me on how I can purchase more hook tape.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.
    Lynn Thompson


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