Why the website can't placed my order ?

 When you encounter areas where the webpage cannot place an order, don’t worry, please contact customer service first, official email is seller@magzo.com



Today I met several customers from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Hawaii. Puerto Rico.they said they wanted to customize magnetic screen door for their door, but found that he couldn't place orders on the web?  it is a pity they haven't leave valid  email to me so I haven't way to help them


Due to the remoteness of these areas, seller need to investigate whether there are shipping channels first and whether they can be shipped to those countries? so the webpage has not been opened to place orders.



Customers can consult customer service first, and if they can deliver the goods, they can let customer service to place an order for you.

Note: You  need to provide the customized size, quantity,  the shipping address,  then seller will provide you with a product quotation and payment way.


Solution: Use your valid email  to contact the official customer service: seller@magzo. we will always reply you within 12H due to jet lag.



After they receive your mail, they will  tell you the area can be shipped or not .  after payment  the customer service will help you place the order. No need to place an order through the website.


Generally speaking, the orders that can be placed on the website are the regions where the goods can be shipped directly. If the website cannot place the order, remember to contact the customer service : seller@magzo.com at first.

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