MAGZO Window Screen Replacement ( 48"W x 99"L )

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You can click the amazon to buy it  Durable Replacement Window Screen: Made of durable fiberglass which is...



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  • You can click the amazon to buy it 
  • Durable Replacement Window Screen: Made of durable fiberglass which is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance.High temperature resistance, non-combustibility, corrosion resistance, good heat insulation and sound insulation, high tensile strength, good electrical insulation.
  • Adjustable Screen for Windows: Screen mesh: 48 x 99 Inch, fit any smaller size windows and door screen max to 46 x 98 Inch.Good choice for DIY or Custom needs.Notice: Before purchasing, be sure to measure the size of the door and window screens that need to be replaced.
  • Window Screen Curatin Function: Environmental protection, easy to install, sunlight blockage, allow fresh air flow, friendly for pet use to some extent, anti-flaming and washable with long service life.
  • Wide Application Window Screen Roll: Perfect for various kinds of windows and door screen replacement using. patio screen, porch screen, pool screen, garden screen, sliding door, patio door, entry door, front door, storm door, back door, french door, greenhouse door and so on.
  • Additional Notes for Window and Door Net: Due to space limitation, screen replacement is FOLDED in the package. If there are some creases, please don't worry, it will disappear after taking out being tiled for a while.


Color: Gray
Screen mesh size for window: 48 width x 48 height inch
Screen mesh size for door: 48 width x 99 height inch
Number: 18x16 / inch
Material: Fiberglass
Flame retardant: extinction time after flame removal≤8seconds
Strength: radial≥320N/Inch; Weft≥280/Inch


How to Replace Screen?

Remove and discard old screen from frame with a flat-head screwdriver and clean the groove with a brush.

Lay screen over frame on flat surface, overlapping spline groove at least 2 inch on all four sides. Use utility knife to cut to size.

A: For aluminum screen, use the convex end of screen tool to gently roll screen into the frame groove to crease the screen.

B: Using concave end of screen tool, insert spine at one corner and roll into groove over screen. Place hand on screen surface to hold screen straight. Roll spline into groove on all four sides.

Trim off excess screen with utility knife on outside edge of the spline groove.

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